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What is Thermography?laterale_thermo1

Thermography is the diagnosis of the temperature distribution in the management of processes and of maintenance of industrial and civil plants, and building industry.


Industrial Thermography

* Steam plants controls (steam traps, pressure reducers)
* Heating plants and air conditioning installation controls
* Pipe insulation controls
* Detection of corrosion in pipes
* Detection of leaks from valves, joints and flanges
* Heat Exchange modules controls
* Measuring level of big tanks
* Steam plants controls and analysis of industrial plants
* Insulation control of Chimney pipes
* Insulation control of boilers
* Maximizing processes
* Fire prevention
* Identification of deposits in pipes
* Hydraulic system controls

Thermography in Iron and Steel Industry, Mechanical Industry and Cement factories

* Individuation of possible oven refractories
*Research of thermal distribution in heating and cooling of moulds
* Preventive maintenance of bearings
* Identification of the heat generated from tools in machining

Thermography in Electrical Sector

* Switchboard controls
* Starters and motor controls
* Electrical distribution busbars control
* Identification of hot points in electrical circuits
* Checking the integrity of the insulation of the laminations in generator's stator pack
* Control of transformers, switcher, joints, terminal clamps of cables
* Electrical cabins controls

Civil Thermography

* Thermal insulation control of builidings
* Identification of hot water loss in underground piping
* Identification of leaks in steam system
* Detecting pipes in plastered walls. Other fields of application are identifiable in sectors

Medical Thermography

Medical Thermography is an innocuous technique which allows pointing out and measuring the temperature of human body’s surface. This is possible thanks to the body heat emitted from the skin, in the form of infrared electromagnetic radiations.This technique is used for the diagnosis of different tumors, specifically for breast cancer and thyroid cancer. It’s also used to evaluate alteration blood flow of the arms and legs. This also allows to evaluate inflammatory conditions of the muscular system or ischemic injuries, but always in surface areas. Medical Thermography doesn’t replace the other diagnostic tests, but it helps the specialists to refine the diagnosis and the therapy of many diseases, by giving a variety of information.

Thermography for Veterinary Medicine

Another interesting field of application of Thermography is Veterinary Medicine. Animals can’t express themselves with words, so with Thermal Imaging, is possible to identify through different temperatures, inflammations or fractures. Through the Thermography we can even identify, respiratory tracts inflammations or teeth inflammations, insects’ stings or viper bites. In some cases, Thermography can locate inflammations, which aren’t visible with XR, CAT or MRI.



Increasing plants’ efficiency, preventing forced stops with a scheduled maintenance, is possible thanks to the THERMOGRAPHY

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